gabinet stomatologiczny

It deals with the treatment of caries and its complications – or endodontic treatment.

In the twenty-first century, a smile is a showcase of man. It should be nice.

Caring for your child’s teeth is especially important during the early years of life.

Surgery is not only the extraction of healthy teeth, but it also consists in treatments…

Preventive treatments are carried out in order to prevent the formation of dental caries…

Endodontic treatment, i.e. root treatment – is the careful removal of the pulp, which is located…

Orthodontics, i.e. the treatment of malocclusion and irregularities in the setting of teeth…

Prosthodontics deals with restoring a nice smile and improvement of chewing…


AGADENT is a network of modern Dental Clinic located in Warsaw Wola, Bemowo and an advisory clinic in Pruszków.
We offer a wide range of services with professional advice and pleasant service. Our experience and high level of equipment of our clinic guarantee the highest quality of service, as well as safety and comfort for the patient. (See our offer).
Individual approach to every problem allows you to place accurate and complete diagnosis. We have the most modern equipment which meets all EU standards. Necessary tests and procedures we carry out on the spot without having to leave the clinic.  Our clinics is staffed by a team of doctors – specialists in every field of dentistry (surgery – implants, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry)

Our clinics

przychodnia stomatologiczna wola

Dental Clinic – Wola

ul. Zawiszy 16A room A,
01-167, Warsaw – Wola
Tel./Fax.: +48 22 888 13 65

przychodnia stomatologiczna bemowo

Dental Clinic  – Bemowo

ul. Pełczyńskiego 32A room 2,
01-471, Warszawa – Bemowo
Tel./Fax.: +48 22 665 60 40

przychodnia stomatologiczna pruszków

Dental Clinic – Pruszków

ul. Kraszewskiego 40
05-800, Pruszków
Tel./Fax.: +48 22 759 93 47